Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introduction to Windows Live Cloud Services

Hi readers,

All IT compagnies are moving from traditional computer systems into cloud computing.

The good news is Microsoft invested a lot into it.

As a programmer and a member of MSDN network i invested myself into this too.

I am working on a Business Process/Workflow program which will be published soon on and i need a chat control for the chart section of my project.I created a C# class library project which has all the functionality i needed for chat purposes.But i need something quick and fast.I have 1000 lines of code to review .So i checked Windows Live Services and i found a control that fit my need.

Here is a link to live service: link

To get started with Windows Live Controls(work both with VS 2005/2005) i precompile required bin on my download page .Copy Live Chat Bin here

Here are the steps:

Step1: Unzip Live Chat Bin and copy them into the bin section of your web project.

Step2: Open toolbox window from VS ,add a new tab and select choose items.Locate the ddl from step1 and click ok .You should see something like this:

Step 3:Drag any control from the list( i picked MessengerChat in my case).

NB :Remember to set PrivacyStatementUrl in order for MessengerChat to work properly.

The output shoud look like this after you run the browser:

Again thank you for you emails.

Talley Ouro
.Net Web & Windows Developer

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