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Let see how to use Dictionary/SortedDictionary classes from System.Collections.Generic(C#)

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Today i will explain to you how to use these 2 classes Dictionary/SortedDictionary.


Step1:we have to import System.Collections.Generic:

using System.Collections.Generic;

Step2: we have to declare Dictionary object with new keyword

Dictionary dic = new Dictionary();

You have to remember that we are dealing with key/pair schema.

Step3:Now let`s add some items with Add(key,value) method

dic.Add(2000, "Talley");
dic.Add(10, "John");
dic.Add(200, "Sam");

Step4:Let`s use ContainsKey method to find values

if (dic.ContainsKey(2000))
string st = dic[10];
Console.WriteLine("No Match!");

You can also use ContainsValue method to query the Dictionay object.There are methods and
properties of Dictionay object you may have to take a look.
SortedDictionay and Dictonary classes have almost the same methods and properties except
SortedDictionay accepts ICompareras parameter like this:

SortedDictionary<string,int> sd=new SortedDictionary<string,int>(IComparer<string>();


In a SortedDictionary elements must be sorted when they are added, making insertion times slower.

Remember you could also link table columns to these Dictionay objects.

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