Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to insert the result set of a store proc or dynamic batch into a new table using SELECT INTO?

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Suppose you want to insert the result set of a store procedure or a dynamic batch into
a new table,but you do not know what the schema is that you need to create.
You can use SELECT INTO statement and OPENQUERY.Here is how it works:

1-SELECT INTO format


SELECT CustomerID,CompanyName,Country
INTO US_Customers
FROM Northwind.dbo.Customers

NB Do not create US_Customers in Nort
hwind database before executing the query.This table
US_Customers is created automatically for you after query execution.

2-The main query of concern(see title)

EXEC sp_serveroption,'data access',true;

That`s all i want to share with you today.
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Talley Ouro
.Net Developer(Web&Smart Client Development)

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