Sunday, February 1, 2009

free PHP training in 1 month(Part III)

Hi all,

Sorry i was busy.Now let start our first hello world program from PHP.


1- Open your NetBeans IDE from Start Menu.

2-Go to File/New Project/Select PHP from Category/PHP application/Next/Give HelloWorld to application name/Click Finish.

After you finish you will see a page with a bloc of code for index.php.I will will explain to you more about this file later.

// put your code here

Every php application starts with .
The php code goes within


You declare php variable with a dollar sign $ follow by the name of the variable.
For more info about definition go to

Let declare a variable named i and assign it 12;

$i='Hello World';

Note 3:
Single quote is best way to handle string.Do not use "" for strings.Any variable
within "" will be Executed.

Note 4:
Php comment is c# style // or /* */
Let print it to the browser.The best browser for php is FireFox.
Right click on the projoect HelloWorld/Properties/Debug/Deselect Debug Server with php/Seelect Debug client with Javascript/Choose FireFox and click OK.

Now let print $i to the browser.
add code like this:

$i='Hello World;
//to print hello world we use echo keyword or print

echo $i;


Note 5:Every variable declaration end with ; like c#

Run the project :Right click on index.php/Run.

You will see Firefox showing Hello World.

PHP is a loosy type.It mean you don`t have to define a variable type to use it.
Let me be clair.In C# if i want to declare an integer variable named i this is how i
will do it:

int i=12;
In php $i=12;so php is less trouble than c#,vb......

See you Next time.Remember to go to documentation section of and copy
php keyword to a file named keyphp.txt on your desktop.

Talley John
Software Developer

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