Sunday, November 2, 2008

Essential Class coding(C#)

Let`s declare a class named Cars.Remember each class contain fields,methods,sub-classes and more.
standard definition:access return type class
Access modifier is how the class will be accessed could be publicly,privately,protected....
public class Cars
//let`s declare some fields ,you can add more depending on your requirement.
public int ntires;
public bool sunroof=true;

//let declare a method

public void Start()

Public void Stop()

//You could add Property,structs and more

} //end class Cars

//Now let create a class that will use all fields and methods of Cars class=INHERITANCE
//u use : in front of sub class like JapaneseCar

Public class JapaneseCar:Cars
//JapaneseCar class will inherit all fields,methods.... of Cars Class and can implement it own


//Let say i dont a sub class inherits a given class .The anwer is you need to seal the class you dont to be inherited with the keyword sealed
//Let create 2 classes:

public sealed class AllCars
public class ChineseCars :AllCars
/Putting a colon in front of ChineseCars will not work and generated error because
//AllCas class is sealed

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